In today’s tight market for top talent, counter offers are becoming increasingly common and necessary.

A counteroffer is often understood by employee as a reinforcement of the employee’s value or to show commitment to make a change.  However, rarely understood are two reasons for a counteroffer that a candidates should be well aware of:

What to Do?

It is not recommended to accept a counter offer. You can do an internet search for “Counter-Offer” for comprehensive lists of the hazards of accepting a counteroffer. A few worth noting are:

The best way to address a counteroffer is to expect it is coming and be prepared to turn it down.

Before you begin your job search, make a request for the changes you are looking for. If those changes are not implemented in a timely manner, then start documenting the reasons why it makes sense to make a career move.

Decline a counter offer in a polite and professional manner immediately after it is presented.

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Decline the Counteroffer